From Value to Relationship?

For several weeks in a row I’ve been thinking about value versus relationship.

Must one be worthy regarding value (like a great job, salary, appearance, background) to have decent relationships (romantic or other interpersonal ties)?

If you look at reality, sadly, it seems true. But, but the shitty problem is a human who wants to “win” relationships by his value will be doomed to be in a sense of voidness. Everything in this setting revovles around “winning” “overcoming” “grabbing” “conquering”.

A typical story would be a man fighting his way across social strata finally won his girl. Of course “girl” here is just a metaphor. To put it short, traditionally, we tend to think we have to go from Value first and then to Relationship.

I sensed something wrong with this process.

Now I fundalmentally reject this view. I shall be far more admant about this with the passage of time.


Coz I just felt the absurdity in From Value to Relationship. It, on one hand, belittles Value by taking it as an instrument and, on the other, deified Relationship as a mark for so-called complete life.

No. Nothing shall weigh more than one’s constant exploring and knowing oneself. Or one will be wasting life and living in no freedom, which means slavery. This of course does not apply to everyone, but almost. Deep down all crave a freer self, in all senses.

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