You have nothing to learn from Innocent Niubility

Innocent Niubility versus Awakend Exploring

Xiaohong sent me a link, titled “Elementary students’ English stuns people”, and added “scared to death” literally in Chinese. Well, I kinda cannot be “shocked” by such things in the slightest sense.

Are these elementary or junior high students good? Undoubtedly. They are not good but humble enough. However, I think all this falls into the category of Innocent Niubility.

What does this mean? Compared to their peers, the students in the footage are still good. They are already in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan city worldwide. Background, education and resources. They are definitely crucial factors to the children’s English fluency. The children are innocent as underage people. They are of Niubility, too. So there comes Innocent Niubility. Of course, these children can be hardworking enough, but they are by no means structural factors to their language performance.

So what will one learn from these underage students? I do not think there will be much to learn from.

And it mirrors audiences’ secretive lamentation of self’s mediocrity.

I’d say. No. Do not. Do not lament. Do not admire.

To admire others is to lament our mediocrity.

I would say, do understand your lamentation and next time shrug such Niubility off.

Or learn from them.

Unfortunately, however, you have nothing to learn from Innocent Niubility that has been built on piles of resources. So either you take it as an opportunity to understand your reaction to it, or you shrug it off and know where you go.

Having said the above, a more worthy topic should be Awakened Exploring. I love the expression “a rude awakening”. When one truly sees reality, it is mostly not that pleasant. And then it is still you who are going to decide whether or explore a path an how to. It’s damn hard and promises nothing. Mediocrity abounds. It is only by Awakened Exploring that one stands on one’s own and creates new value this world: An individual life.

Then we know it is indeed a road less traveled.

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