The Way of Nature

An action naturally happens when mind arrives first through an inner journey.

*”when mind arrives first”: Willingness.

You are in a state of gratitude because you feel like it’s already happened. You may not know all the specifics of your desired outcome—when it will take place, where, and under what circumstances—but you trust in a future that you can’t see or otherwise perceive with your senses. #Inner-Journey
– Joe Dispenza

That’s why in Chinese these is saying:

Thousands of liang of gold cannot buy my willingness.

Then you may ask: how mind arrives first?

When we are at peace, free from mind, our true nature Willingness arises. Then we know what we wanna do. Then an action will naturally happen.

The Diamond Sutra, an important Buddhist scripture has a question:

如何降伏其心? How to Conquer the Mind?

The Diamond Sutra

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