A person with billions of incarnations

Once I got this weird idea that there is only one person in this world, but the person just shows various appearances, personalities because of various circumstances they live in.

I don’t why I got this idea, but at some moment I just feel the urge to embrace the world as a whole and leave behind all negative news running rampage across social media.

Jingang Sutra, a Buddhist classic, might have also inspired this idea. It says that “there is no form of men, women, the masses…” Our naked eyes see too many illusions.

It’s said that God divided humans’ languages and they have to build a babel tower to the reach the heaven. It’s wonderful parable and in the real world, yeah, it’s also wonderful enough to see people trying to communicate with each other across langauge barriers. Finally, what matters is not how to learn a langauge, but how one human being can be spiritually free enough to explore the world and themselves.

Here in this post I may record some conversations with people across the world mostly from the perspective of language, culture and idea exchanges.

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