It’s hard, bro

One thing that gives me cold feet is that I am not sure my decision-making at present could be well-supported by my state of mind and physical conditions both shaped by stark projection of things ahead.

From the books, I concluded it happiness of life comes from a combination of chaos that represents uncharted possibilities in life and of stability that is usually brought by work and family.

The problem is not let the latter overwhelm the former or otherwise.

Then you keep asking yourself the most compact and desired bullet points to which your life could be reduced. Also, you take into account your life changeability. “A leopard can’t change its spots”. I think this is where the worst pain lies.

It just dawns on me that one must first unleash himself and then could change himself.

Must be loosened.

Like wind, roadtrip, the faraway, reading, writing. But these must be well-timed.

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