SR #24 Another World

Writing, after all, belongs to night.

While strolling in high winds tonight, I stopped listenning to podcast. I have had much these days and weariness just sank in. At dusk, I listened to some Youtube guides to classical music and then dived into a classical list. I had tried classical music a year or so ago but dropped it being distracted by other things as in the case of many other aspects of life. Back to the list, I tried Requiem, the last unfinished piece of Mozart on his deathbed. First dozens of seconds into it was pretty heavy, as I was introduced to it, and quite immersive. Then a piece of Bach sounded obviously more exciting. Overall, I find it not so hard to be immersed in classical music since I have been in the habit of listening to podcasts or Youtube in a dark room for hours.

That’s what I said in the title: another world. I felt my mind more tranquil, which is almost imaginable months ago. I have been sure if this mindfulness. But I feel at least somewhere near that state of mind.

However, as I have may sensed in the past, I find any state of mind, high or low, is so transient that no sooner you register than them they morph into another state that could be a far cry from the prevoius one. “Mindfulness” will not be exempted from this case, either. Just typing this the last sentence, I recall Buddhism (VSI, Oxford) delineates that the Buddha felt not satisfied with the wondrous meditation taught by his mentor and decided to have another road. Here is the point: if “mindfulness”, which many modern meditation gurus or groups are trying to teach you and many modern people wanna try, becomes somehthing you wanna reach and cling to to achieve so-called disclosure, then will such “mindfulness” be any different from desire-satisfying consumerism? Or, in Buddhism terms, it would be Attached to “mindfulness”. Again, this ties in with the quote I put down in a previous blog from The Diamond-Cutter Sutra:“He should produce that heart abiding nowhere.”

But it is hard, we all know. Another worse aspect is that language could be misleading and deceptive and modern people got them stuck in language games imbued with too many doctrines, concepts and discourses.

Maps of Meaning

Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning is really a find at the end of 2020. It’s so thick a book (more than 2,000 pages in PDF). I read it so slowly in my Kindle Voyager. Though my reading the book in Enligsh is strenuous and slow (no Chinese translation available so far and I there will be no one either in the future. An understandable pity. ), but the book is inspiring and reaches a depth that keeps my going on. This afternoon, I read that, as JP stated, the known, the unknown and the human effort constitute the human existence, and for human efforts from A to B, the ideation of B falls into the know for humans metaphorically. This is really a find for me. It points out the importance of the capacity to conceive point B, which must be attractive enough to push human efforts forward. JP did not use the word “attractive”; he put it in a more subtle and effective way but I cannot recall here. JP’s point sets me thinking that human efforts in implement plans are overly stressed before even plans themselves are scrutinized in terms of not only the feasibility but the subjective commitment or passion for them. That’s why an overwhelming majority of people in this mundane world are doomed to be lost.

It is a paradox: non-action in reality will lead to paralysis; disoriented action that cannot stand the test of personal wilingness or deepest thirst is doomed to ruin life meanings at the end of the day. How treacherous could life be.


On a scale of a lifetime, a single language seems so narrow for a person to be educated and open-minded. More importantly, despite the bitter of language learning, it seems so absurd and unbelievable to live in the tunnel vision of merely one language in such a time in the 21st century. Can you believe it?! WTF. Traditional school education kills us, and the most pathetic, as said in The Shawshank Redemption, Institutionalization will get us doomed. And when we try to find a road of freedom or freewill, greed and ego again will get in our way: how many times we try to achieve somehthing overnight, like learning a foreign language in just several months when we are so mediocre regarding basic willpower, meta-cognition, self-understanding?

Again it is THE paradox: when we are high, in for a road of freewill, we got blindfolded by vanity and greed; when we are low, we wallows in self-pity, non-action and paralysis.

The dots might have been connected a bit.

Yet, an odyssey for an hero has yet to come.

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