Time in Parallel

To respond to crucial questions in lasting moves.

At an individual level, how could the sense of meaning be formed?

As of July 5th 2021, I’d say it’s to do what you identify with. To do what you want.

Then many questions will arise. For one, why people don’t do what they want to do?

First and foremost, many do not have “”wants”. Real wants that stand the test of time, that would not vanish after a night’s sleep as if it had never come to mind. If you wanna drink water, you grab a glass of water; if you wanna drink beer you can also grab one. They are both I-want-and-I-get-it-now. But if you wanna get shaped, you may have to spend months or even years to achieve so, depending on your starting point, plan and implementation.

Now you may have noticed that an invisible and yet important factor is time. As time prolongs, it tests your “wants”.

Most fail because they no longer “want” the thing down the road. Not that they cannot.

Of course many would say “I tried” but I cannot control fate. This could be the case but so rarely that you can sense people’s regret, “deep down I know I haven’t given it my all”, rather than the calmness and candidness, “I did try my best and this is life”.

So after so much, how can you really want anything?

This is really a myth. (July 6th)

If asked this question, many true wants owners probably go back somewhere in their life and give your quite a few dots connected over time.  

You might have noticed a parallel.

To keep your “want” as ever down the road, you need a profound, deep-seated motivation that stands the test of time.

How can you acquire it?

Back in your past, yet looked at through a different lens that is untainted, calm and crystal. Now you at every present moment plays the lens. When you plays or becomes the crystal, calm and untainted lens and thus reflected the your past time as it is, it might be called meditation, or Mindfulness, Mindlessness, or whatever you want to call it.

Meditation is not for meditation’s sake. It is for understanding your past, understanding how you formed your beliefs that dominate your behavior while it has been invisible to you.

Time. To go further, you go back.

What is to do with the present moment then?

It provides the starting point. Truly, you can always start at every present moment. (July 7th)

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