One Out of Five

But I will keep in touch with John, politely and slightly. He provides a template of people who are fearful, indecisive, feeble and prone to circumstances. Zhang Xiaoyu said that you are the average version of five people you deal with most frequently. Then I get it:

Li reflects my old-school and serious upbringing and my self-hiding in entertainment tendency and superficial echoing of his opinions;

Xie reflects my reading habit, tendency for deep thinking and recognition of introvertedness;

Xiaohong reflects my hanker to have a more practical and clear head and staunch will both for thinking, acting and possible interpersonal interaction;

Way reflects my hope to connect with the external world and passionate part.

John reflects my inner fear, indecision, dependency, suppression of dependency and proneness to circumstances.

It’s a revealing find.

Which could also be a pool for to choose. Which to strengthen and which to recognize and transform. Simply put, they boil down to two ways: the prospering of life and the shrinking of life.

Among the last line, a landscape of life will surface.

Then it’s the concrete path.

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