Roverblood: Our Mind is a Battlefield # 1

Whether you are willing to admit, it is true: Our mind is a battlefield. Of course I am speaking from my own experience and observation.

Consider the worse-case scenario (obviously not for all, but for many): You are so struck by inner fear and memory of past disastrous experience and you have to do something that provokes that fear and experience. Weighed down and conflicted, you pushed forward, yet in a way that you dip your foot tentatively into water. Then you fail again, which, in turn, will be your another memory of failure. Your fear and sense of self-inadequacy worsened. You get caught in a vicious cycle. From then on, you can only “break out” when cornered. However, “break out” only remove a crisis for a while, pulling you from “danger” to “normal”. Next time, you will have to “break out” more to close the gap. Over time, your anxiety grows and finally depression befalls.

What’s wrong on earth?

Remember the “fear and memory of past disastrous experience” that weighed us down? Life is a continuum and one cannot really cut into half or more to start over. However, fortunately, that’s where “our mind is a battlefield comes in”.

How our fear and bad memory is formed? We must first unravel this.

Here is a chain:

  1. An event   then
  2. Judgement, classification
  3. Feeling
  4. Memory
  5. Self-cognition

Our battlefield rests in step 2.

We could so easily skip step 2 and arrive at step 3, because we have been socially conditioned to be so. “You land a good job, fabulous; you plough your own path and things don’t go down well, rubbish.” “you get things done, cool; you get things screwed up, shitty you”. And there is peer pressure. Mainstream. We are trained by society like Pavlov’s dog.

We shall fight first in our mind.

We shall have a solid and powerful judgement system that filtered our raw reaction to ups and downs. Till we have evolved into the next level of self-understanding and acting.

That means we need ammunition for such a system.

When I arrived at this point, I decided that reading was key. BTW, it is at such a moment that we can truly see the meaning of something, which would, along with the last thought “if it is so key, I must do something on the spot at present moment”, set us into immediate motion. In this way, we got meaningfulness that clears all procrastination. Finally, our doggedness must be carved out in reality.  

Load our ammunition for our battlefield.

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