“All Dazai Osamu’s problems Can be Handled by Workout”

My friend Xie’s night talk with me prompted the writing of this post.

Zhi An, an old-school writer in China once quoted Yukio Mishima’s observing of Dazi Osamu that all Daai Osamu’s problems can be handled by workout. I remembered this sentence when I discussed with my friend Xie about the impact of one’s brain and body upon emotions and psychological status. I quoted Yukio’s remarks in our talk and this cracked Xie up.

Of course biology cannot reveal the whole picture and depression is by no means the imbalance of chemicals. However, the body has been much much ignored.

I noticed the striking difference between my normal diet and near-keto diet. Shifting to the latter, I have felt less tiring. At least, I don’t need to feel to the overwhelming tiredness after lunch, which I abhorred. But don’t get me wrong, I do not subscribe to a complete keto diet. It is controversial, to say the least. And it stands to reason that the effects of a keto diet vary by people. So to get the most out of a workout diet, I adopted a near-keto diet. I boost my protein intake, lower carbohydrate in the day, but try to keep an overall carbohydrate by consuming some milk and bread or some decent snacks. I have found that I cannot feel the pump in my workout without sufficient carbohydrate.

I said to Xie that I want first secure my biological status through good diet, workout and sleep and then I can face the battle in my mind (see the last post). I think this is at least a decent pathway to… lead a life for the time being.

Looking to the future, we humans must be more digital living in this world. This however does not undermine the importance of our body, but reinforce it. I understand one might argue that decades from now we may change parts of our body and become stronger. But workout or to try to have a sound body, this process itself is more meaningful. It hammers our self-identity into our mind through body training; that means by strenuously bettering our body, by all the human dirty work, we have an evolved mind. Then with this mind, we may be more assured facing a digital world.

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