SR #18 The Strip at Dusk

These days winds blow hard. Every night I linger at the spacious balcony that overlooks Erhai in the distance. The clouds float in the sky and seem so approachable. I recall a translation by a translator named Qian Chunqi (钱春绮) just blurringly:

尘世的烟云化作一条绚丽的彩带… 漂浮在黄昏的暮霭间。

This must be a far c[……]

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South-Roaming #11 On Gratitude Journal and How I see it

I first noticed the concept of Gratitude Journal in some books about Positive Psychology. Unsurprisingly I immediately hate the concept. First of all, Psychology Positive is now generally in Chinese translated as “积极心理学”. “积极” in Chinese has much common with “正能量” (Positive Energy). Both of the two[……]

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South-Roaming #10 Settling in Dali & Gratitude Journal

Alas, where shall I begin?

Within two days, my south-roaming has morphed into an obsessive settling down in a third-floor room with a lovely yard, overlooking Erhai and Cangshan beyond in the distance. Also, I wanna make this post a gratitude journal, which has entered my mind probably months or[……]

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