Night Walk and Talk in Haidian (June 13th 海淀夜谈录)

  • From hard-core spiritual framework into countless updating details

Every once a while we have a rude awakening at some point in life. Sooner or later, in painful or otherwise ways, the moments came to us. It could send us onto the journey of learning something new, correcting stubborn habits or m[……]

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June 10-11th

《词语》(The Words) by Sartre

An autobiographic memoir of Sarte’s life before ten. Sartre’s reading resonates with my memory. To see Sartre as a lonely child is definitely a find. In this book, Sartre was no longer a deep-minded philosopher, but an ordinary child thrown into the concepts fromed b[……]

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Roverblood in Pipeline #Phase Review 1

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Jupiter’s Travels

西蒙在60年代以4年时间穿越世界里程达10万公里以上。youtube上看到其耄耋之年的采访,眼里仍可见当年的神采。文字比较老派、繁复,有读者批评文字跟作者骑行过的道路一般bumpy, 难读。的确如此,记者写稿子差不多,写书好像总安排不好轻重和节奏。整本游记有种低沉、忧郁的调子——四年的艰苦路途不易讲述,相比轰隆隆引擎声中尘土飞扬的道路,言说、讲述似乎毫无分量。人们做一件事情的理由往往简单地难以置信,但讲述它们,却总希望精心编织。



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Wide awake. The toilet-flushing noise from the toilet through the living room and the wooden door started this sleepless night. “Swine bitch!” I got pissed off being awaked just about an hour past 0 a.m.. Nutcases. Freaks. I sweared.

I just recall the nights I had in 2018, when I kept a cool head[……]

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